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Breeding hobby pages

BEETLESHOP.NET - Bor-Huah Chen pages mainly about stag beetles
COLEOPTERA.CZ - Aleš Obst nice pages
ZOO-VEC - Dalibor Večeřa pretty pages
BEETLEGATE - Oldřich Jahn very good pages
FLOWER BEETLES - Petra Malec pages with many interesting informations
OOKUWAGATA - Very good breeding manual for stag beetles
BEETLES PARADISE - Jakub Netušil breeding pages
BEETLES.WZ.CZ - Lukáš Bock breeding pages
CETONIIDAE.IC.CZ - Jan Šafránek breeding pages

Breeders forums

MAGGOT'S INSECTS FORUM - Great insect breeding forum
KAEFERFORUM - Germany forum about insect breeding

Entomological portals

THE BEETLE RING - Great home page of many breeders
EIGENSTART.NL - Very useful pages about insect

Advertising - breeding animals

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